The blog project

This blog project has made me look deeper into the book I’ve been reading. Normally I would probably not have thought really about the deeper meanings or topics, but the tasks and the blog did. I think the blog project has been a great thing so far, with the 12 tasks we did. The tasks were not very hard to answer, but if I wanted a good grade, I would have to work for it. Not just write something short, just to have done it. I also liked that we got to do this at home, because personally I work better at home. I still think that we had little time to write each blog post, considering we had long tasks, but it was manageable. I’m still a little unsure about the report/analysis thing, but I hope I will know more in a few days.

At first, I didn’t like the thought of the other having the possibility to read my blog, but it also made me work a little bit harder on it. I liked that I could go read what the others wrote, so that I was sure I did the task right. I like the comments on my blog and the other blogs from the other students in my class. I could see that some people tried hard to get a good grade and some not so much. Some wrote long and nice blog posts, but some also wrote short and didn’t really show any interest.


What is the book really about?

The most important themes in this book are love, choices, family and friendship. Mia needs to make a huge decision that will affect her life forever. Family, friendship and love is the themes that will help her choose, whether she will chose to stay on earth, without her family, but with her friends and boyfriend, or if she wanted to die along with her family. While she is in a coma, she gets to see people who visits her at the hospital and she sees flashbacks from old memories. Some may make her feel like she doesn’t want to live without her family, but some of the flashbacks also makes her think that she has so much ahead of her in life, and still so many people who cares about her, to die this young. The whole book is about her making a choice, and her love for her family and friends is so important throughout the whole book.

That’s why the main-themes in the book “If I Stay” are love, family, friendship and choices.

POV (Point of view)

The book is written in Mia’s POV (point of view), and follows her throughout the book in first person.

For example:

“I can see the time on the control panel”

“I wonder what’s happening back down on the ground”

It is written with “I”, “me”, “us”, “we” etc.

Book report or book analysis?

I choose to write a book analysis, mostly because in the report, you can only get a 1-5 grade, and I want to get the best grade possible. I’m still not completely sure about which I want to write, because I would like to write a report more than analysis, but considering the grade-rate, I’m not sure yet.

The setting


(A picture taken from The movie “IF I Stay”)

The novel “If I Stay” is a very well written and realistic (as realistic as it can get, considering the circumstances) book, about the young youth, Mia Hall, who is stuck in what I see as “The In-between”. She’s trapped in some world between life and death, until she makes a decision about whether she wants to continue living without her family or join them. The book is about her story, and follows her as she makes her choice. Even though it sounds like she is in a completely different world, full of fantasy figures, she isn’t. She’s simply just staying in the real world, but no one knows, sees, hears or feels that she’s there.

The time of the book is within our century and doesn’t really play any big parts in the book, other than the fact that she has flashbacks of her life before the accident.

It is obviously a fantasy/fictional novel, which you quickly come to understand once you start to read it.

The feeling of the book is changing, along with her emotions. A reader will normally feel compassion with her. You know when she’s sad, happy, lonely, feeling loved etc.

The book so far is still good, I’m looking forward to read more!

The first chapter

The book “If I Stay” is about the life and death of a teenage girl called Mia Hall. In the first chapter you get to know Mia and her family. Mostly you’ll learn about her undying love for music, more specific, the cello. You’ll get to know the relationship between Mia and her family in Mia’s point of view and last, but not least, you’ll get to witness the car accident that started it all. When you start reading the first chapter, you’ll see that she has a strong and loving bond to her family. Later you’ll learn more about her and the way she thinks and feels, and her aspects about different things. The book so far has been quite good, the author writes well and collected, she keeps the excitement going and doesn’t let big spots and parts in the book stay boring. Something happens all the time. So far I like the book quite well and I hope the book keeps going on the exciting path it is heading to so far.

If I Stay

I am reading the book «If I Stay” by Gayle Forman, which was published in 2009. The book is written for young adults and teenagers, but fits for all ages in my opinion. The book, If I Stay, among other Gayle Forman books, has been on the New York Times-bestseller list. Since the book also had many good reviews, I wanted to read it. If I Stay is written in first-person.

The book is about a 17-year-old girl named Mia Hall. One day she was visiting some family friends, along with her family, when they got into a car accident. Her mother, father and little brother did not survive the accident, but Mia may had, depending on what choice she would take. Mia fell into a coma, but was given the opportunity to come back and continue living her young life without her family, or choose to move on and end the life she had already lived. She had an out-of-body experience, which would help her make a decision. While she was in a coma, she saw what was going on around her. Mia had flashbacks from her young life that, with help from the actions of her still-living family and friends, gave her the answers she needed to make her decision.

There is a sequel to the novel, Where She Went, published 2011, which is continuing Mia’s story and the book If I Stay has also made it to the movie-level and made into a movie, which was published August 2014 by Summit Entertainment.

if i stay book cover (If I Stay’s book cover)